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III.  The study of natural stress and strain for a solution of geodynamic problems

A. Seismological and geological data
Family Sity or Country
1st author
Title of report
Alechin V.I., Korchemagin V.A. Ukraine Stress and deformation fields of the subvulcanic bodies and dikes of permian-triassic age of Azovien block US and its articular zone with Donbass
Babadjanov T.L., Mordvintsev O.P. Uzbekistan  
Baruleva O.I., Pupkov J.M. S.-Petersburg Strain-analysis and fabric features of Kontiosary metamorphosed rocks (North Ladoga, Russia)
Bormotov V.A., Merkulova T.V. Habarovsk A connection between seismic regime of the Tan-Lu Ė Okhotsk rift system and fault tectonics and strength properties of the lithosphere.
Bubniak I. Ukraine  
Vinogradov A.M. Ekaterinburg  
Voytenko V.N., Khudoley A.K.,  Yakovlev F.L. S.-Petersburg Strain analysis and partitioning between fold's and fracture's shortening into bulk tectonic deformation (Talassian Alatay, Kyrgyzstan)
Giorgobiani T.V. Geogya To the Question on the Mechanism of the Fold System of the Greater Caucasus
Gonchar V.V. Ukraine The construction  deformation  events scale  of  Kamchatka on the base of reconstruction of   axes  orientation of   tension  tensor.
Gorbatsevich F.F. and Savchenko S.N. Apatity Modern and paleostressess in the Pechenga geoblok of the Kola superdeep hole section investigations.
Kozyrev A.A. et al. Apatity Saam fault (Hibiny) Ė anomaly of modern deformation process
Kolesnichenko A.A., Verjbitsky V.E., Kopp M.L., Sim L.A. Moscow  
Kopp M.L. Moscow Basic features of intraplate stress/deformation fields studies, exemplified on the Cenozoic structures of platform covers of the Russian plate and Urals
Korchemagin V.A., Pavlov I.O. Ukraine Stress fields and kinematics of faults of East Sayan Main rift zone
Krasnoramenskaya T.G., Lobatskaya R.M. Krasnoyarsk Volumetric fault blocks neotectonicís model of Altai - Sayan folded area and seismic process
Kuchai O.A. Novosibirsk Reconstruction of strain field of around Altayís earthquake source  2003.
Lobatskaya R.M. Irkutsk  
Marinin A., Saintot A. Moscow Reconstruction of paleostress regimes in NW Greater Caucasus by two independent groups of researchers
Panasian L.L., Starostin V.I. Moscow  
Parfeevets A.V. Sankov V.A. Irkutsk Late Cenozoic stress fields of Mongolian block
Petrov Vic.A. Borok  
Petrov Vic.A., Smirnov V.B. Borok  
Petrov Vla.A., Poluektov V.V., Nasimov R.M., Schukin S.I., Hammer J. Moscow Natural and technogenic modifications of the stress-strained state of rocks at the uranim deposit in granites
Podurushin V.F. Moscow Wave mechanism of the fore deeps formation
Poleshko N.N., Sadykova A.B., Sydykov A.N., Timush A.N., Shacilov V.I. Kazakhstan Spacial and temporal variations of seismotectonic deformations at North Tien-Shan using earthquake focal mechanisms
Potekhina I.A., Makovchuk I.V. Irkutsk Tectonophysical analysis of faults in the minefield ęJubilee pipeĽ
Rastsvetaev, L.M., Marinin, A.V., Tveritinova, T.Yu. Moscow Fault systems and paleostress regimes in the West Greater Caucasus.
Ruchiev A.M. Petrozavodsk  
Ruchiev A.M. Petrozavodsk  
Smirnov V.N., Sheykin I.B. S.-Petersburg Field investigations of sea ice deformations and its applications for natural modelling of tectonic processes.
Sycheva N.A., Bogomolov L.M., Sychev V.N. Kyrgyzstan Intensity of seismotectonic deformations as an indicator of dynamic processes in the Earth's crust (by example of Tien Shan).
Timurziev A.I. Moscow Regularity of fracture systems and stress axes orientation of sedimentary basines of northern hemisphere
Ukolov V.D. Ukraine About coulisse-shaped disposition of Nagolniy ridge fold structures.
Khudoley A.K., Prokopiev A.V. S.-Petersburg Verkhoyansk fold-and-thrust belt: structure and possible mechanics of formation.
Cheremnykh A.V. Irkutsk Fault-block structure and stress fields in upper crust by the eastern shore of Lake Baikal (natural research and modeling) 
Shatsilov V.I., Timush A.V., Taradaeva T.V. Kazakhstan Newest deformations of the earth crust in orogenic and platform areas of Kazakhstan in terms of geometric analysis of morphostructures.
Yakovlev F.L. Moscow Three stages quasi-3D model of development of alpine sedimentary cover of North-West Caucasus based on values of fold related shortening: relationships of parameters with possible mechanisms of formation.

B. Geodezical and geophysical data

Family Sity or Country
1st author
Title of report
Guseva T.V. Moscow Modern displacement and strain for active fault zone
Diadíkov P.G. Novosibirsk About model of developed of seismotectonic process for intraplate Euro-Asia areas
Karmaleeva R.M., Kuzmin Yu. O. Moscow Geodeformational monitoring at the platform and orogenical structures conditions.  Aims, possibilities, results.
Kuzikov S.I. Kyrgyztan Modern movements of earth crust (by GPS data) and faults of Tien Shan 
Kuzímin Yu.O. Moscow  
Latynina L.A., Milyukov V.K., Kurskeev A.K., Brimich L. Moscow Variations of the Earth crust  deformations far from the earthquake source  during   the Sumatra earthquake  26.12.2004
Latynina L.A.,  Guseva T.V.  Moscow Coseismical  processes on the data  of the deformation   and   seismic measurements
Lebedeva M.A., Mellors R. Irkutsk Deformations in the epicenter zones of earthquakes Hector Mine, (1999, California), Bam (2003, Iran) and Altayskoe (2003, Russia) by SAR Interferometry data: Comparison characterization
Lukhnev A.V. San'kov V.A., Miroshnichenko A.I., Ashurkov S.V., E. Calais and Deverchere J. Irkutsk Rotation and deformation of baikal-mongolian area by GPS data
Mostrioukov A.O., Petrov V.A., Niu Anfu, Smirnov V.B. Borok Recent Earth crust movements (as measured by GPS) and the tectonic stress field in Central Asia
Prilepin M.T. Moscow  
Sankov V.A. Irkutsk Present-day crustal deformations by GPS geodesy and seismotectonics data
Steblov G.M., Grekova T.A., Vasilenko N.F., Prytkov A.S., Frolov D.I. Moscow Dynamics of the Kuril-Kamchatka subduction zone from GPS data.
Timofeev V.Yu. Novosibirsk  
Shirokov I.A., Anokhina K.M.   Moscow "Oscillations of  techtonic block  as  result  of  long-term  tiltmeter observations.

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